keep yourself warm: spring`s ALIve two.point.four EP

...back to date in 2017...
with alittle rebirth session reminiscent up to date & celebrate spring`s ALIve EP!

be flooded with an independent a(b)side sublime (fe)male genre mixed artists inspiring soundscape compilation to spring alive in 2017. as you please here`s a stomping ground where brand new stuff meets up with formidable former all-rounders so heart & soul and fragile pace continually coming and going alive to align any ideas in late march! keep yourself warm!

S. WEDNESDAYS by adam olenius
P. YOUTH by parks, squares and alleys
R. SOUTH by hippo campus
I. LITTLE DREAMER by future islands
N. KEEP YOURSELF WARM by frightened rabbit

A. THE BRAE by yumi zouma
L. HEART CARL by annie hardy
I. ONE STEP by mr. silla
V. COPS by k.flay 
E. REWIND by kelela
2. SOMETHING by julien baker
4. BABY by emily kokal


hotline - london to lisbon - just in time...

wearing all your clothes again
they're wearing thin but it's one way to
be together be together
swallow the fear
my stone cold fox
my arms are here
i've been ready for so long
and i would lick your wounds and care
feel like running, feel like crack feel like going out and smashing windows
i'm smashing windows
and in a black, black hole deeper than death
i would wait for you there just give me the breath to say it
back together 

once in time i have written about an unknown london underground upstarter band named wolf alice because of their dynamic & energetic boost on stage which i adore a lot at present.  a pure retro-nineties noise-pop bliss melancholic atmosphere around a formidable 23 year-old london-based female ellie rowsell who knows her fragile aura-ingredients really well. a catchy `lisbon` saw the light of day on june 24th and takes the equivalent line amongst its high-pitched melodic fluent driven guitar work goes hand in hand with ellie`s subtle prisitine lyrical expression. while the connection between u.k. and rest of europe seems a little bit slacken momentarily, if any more proof was needed especially london hotline for sure will be a strong music exporter just in time... so exit is music!

wolfalice | alicebook


u are a fever, u ain`t born typical

u are a fever, u ain`t born typical
i am a fever, i ain`t born typical
we are a fever, we ain`t born typical
u can holler u can wail
u can swing u can flail
u can fuck like a broken sail
if we ever give us up our hearts will surely fail

u can run u can blow
u can drink u can glow
u can swim like a broken flow
we could never get back up when the future starts so slow


liebling! liebling!

this is it. hiasSon's top 15 songs of 2015. 

# the war on drugs :: an ocean in between the waves 
# cheatahs :: muraski
# this love is deadly :: certainly not pushed
# wanda :: bussi baby
# cigarettes after sex :: affection
# a place to bury strangers :: now it's over
# drake :: too much
# tame impala :: let it happen
# the weeknd :: often
# death cab for cutie :: black sun
# jami xx :: seesaw
# ringo deathstarr :: heavy metal suicide
# swallow :: sugar your mind
# dicht&ergreifend :: imma no


westside starting 5

#LA15 ´´lp   WESTside 5` ep
|W| cassettes won`t listen\ to have a crush 
|E| keepaway\ yellow wings
|S| warpaint\ cc 
|T| brixtonboogie\ black betty 
|5| p64\ loud pipes (ratatat remix)

back-to-back games among nba schedules are always a huge challenge for each sportsman. for this reason we also would like to bounce the music ball from coast to coast, so "LA 15" consits of a westside story line up as well and our straightforward paths follow artists with one-of-a-kind manual independent work. at times nice slanting playful soundcapes covers a spectrum to bolding upbeat casual ones. back to the roots means partly back to a sun-dappled coastline breeze!


eastside starting 5

#LA15 ´´lp   EASTside 5` ep

|E| started from the bottom part 2 type beat /drake
|A when i`m small /phantogram
|S| the hustle /bisco smith x cassettes won`t listen
|T| none shall pass /aesop rock
|5| turbulence (cassettes won`t listen remix) /birds1 

as well #LA15 and its identity casts their shadows on a music occasion indeed. inspired by the original nba all star setting in february 2015 in new york city where bandscheibenrecords has always found its rare and unique inspiration for create things in music and art. so our once spoken slogan `home can be where magic is made` lead us back to a bunch of sublime numbers as kind of some memorable tribute. i`m really glad that dee3 and myself had both the opportunity to walk the talk in early april 2015 and get to the bottom of the scene. please give a very warm welcome to our eastside starting 5. none of you shall pass the limited!


shoulders, toes and knees...

back-to-back in1996 when placebo`s single `36 degrees` from their self-titled debut has slipped on surface and a raw and edgy sound caught the blood temperature of a unique generation in a sublime way...

in 2005 molko slowed down the original into a bloody intense guitar version surrounded by olsdal`s formidable bass lines and hewitt`s emotional drum hits. probably by far their peak performance time slot in their career spot.

nowadays almost 20 years since seeing the light of day a molko classic in a new-cutted stripped down version from their home match up at london in august 2015 don`t fail at all - anyhow it transfers it`s vintage catchyness into a newer carefree classical orchestra robe. are you still running a temperature sore?